How To Match Grey Trousers to other colours

Why grey?

A long-time corporate client Matt over at W.Uden & Son’s got in touch recently. Over the last few years, we’ve had the pleasure of keeping the Uden family looking their best in Morts & More tailoring. After helping him to design a new suit and set of bespoke shirts, he asked me for some advice on a pair of grey trousers we had made several months ago. He mentioned that he had not worn them yet, as he didn’t know what was best to wear them with? That’s a good question. The fabric was a beautiful grey/black blend, which gave…

1. Why would you wear a cuffed trouser?

It’s safe to say that a cuffed trouser is thing of preference. They are not a requirement of any dress code commonly known, so wearing them is a personal style choice.

Cuffs will add weight to the bottom of your trousers and make pleats stand out. This comes together to help the fabric drape and hang better.

‘Visual’ balance is another advantage to wearing them — the size and cut of a double-breasted jacket can be balanced out by the extra fabric on the trouser cuff. A similar balancing effect can be seen with vertically striped suits.

Some believe that…

I was literally talking about this same concept with my wife earlier today. It would be so much fun to pick and choose when you want to work, where you want to work and for how long - 2 months driving a bus, then a break, then 3 years farming or trading stocks at a brokerage. Interest levels would surely skyrocket. Job sampling should be a thing (not for life threatening jobs though!). Great post Tim

Thanks Julia,

Enjoyed reading your experience and seeing the different reactions the readers had to it. Ultimately you made an intentional decision on how you wanted your life to be, then went out and made it happen.

As some who has ran several businesses I an attest to the Passion quote. Spot on!

During conversation in a recent client consultation, the question of wedding ritual/superstition arose. It was interesting how the debate developed and went back and forth. It’s a topic which is quite interesting. It may not be the deepest of issues but definitely one worth having a poke at. So without further delay lets look at the question of should the bride see the suit.

Photo by Petr Ovralov on Unsplash

When it comes to wedding days all over the globe, brides can be found hiding. Hiding away from their groom until they hit that infamous aisle. But why? It’s bad luck, it’s not to be done…

Joshua Ntiedo Umoren

Co-Founder and Chief Trouble-Maker at bespoke tailoring brand ‘Morts and More’. Providing style advice, quality garments & life lessons since 2008.

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